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Tentworks offers a variety of tent wall options for your Maui tent rental. 

Our white vinyl tent walls can easily be opened and secured back to the tent legs. 

We also stock tent sidewalls with vinyl windows, completely clear vinyl walls, and stunning floor to ceiling real glass walls.

Tentworks glass tent wall system is available in 10' and 12' leg height. ​

Tent Doors

There is no better way to make an entrance into your air conditioned Maui event space than through a beautiful glass door.  Our tent doors are ADA compliant double glass pane with safety glass surround. 

Our tent systems are extremely versatile and can be installed on a variety of surfaces.  No staking? No problem!    If your site does not allow staking our modern tent system utilizes special base plates that allow for the use of weighted concrete ballasts to secure and anchor the tent structure on any surface.

We have expert level experience installing tents on a variety of surfaces and locations including the beach, asphalt and concrete parking lots, golf courses, parking structures, roof top patios and decks, and even over water.  We love challenging installations.

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